Collection: KAFTHAN Mosaic Lamps

Our Turkish mosaic table lamp is personalized and handmade in a Moroccan Tiffany style, perfect as a gift for him or her, it adds some Turkish culture style to your bedside table. These turkey desk lamps carry the allure and enigma of the Orient, which can bring charm and elegance. As a distinctive gift, these Turkish lamps are a great conversation starter that will captivate your visitors and alter the atmosphere of your place.

High Quality:
These Mosaic Turkish Lamps are crafted using superior materials and undergo thorough quality checks to ensure that no compromises are made in terms of quality. It is constructed using high-grade metal and features an intricately cut colored glass of exceptional fineness. We recommend LED bulb E12 40W-60W for higher quality.

This Moroccan best Turkish Lamp not only illuminates your space with a cozy and alluring ambiance, but also serves as a decorative element to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living room, pub, or coffee house.